Telecom Consulting:

Kinetech provides technical consulting, architecture, design, installation, and implementation to Small to Mid-Size Businesses for VOIP (Voice Over IP) Telephone Systems, Equipment, and Services.

Our Mission is to help businesses spend more effectively on communications, to become more efficient through improved communications, and to provide clients with a clear plan for implementation of VOIP products and technology to satisfy their current and future business needs.

Kinetech will also work as advisors and in a support role to a company's in house staff in support of existing projects, introduction of new ideas and technology, and by helping to solve specific telecom issues.

Our Typical Client Issues
The telephone system is a key business tool that must serve your business cost effectively and provide reliability, quality, solid customer support. Our clients are usually facing one or more of the following business issues:

  • Their Telephone Costs are Too High
  • Outages and Repairs are Hurting Their Business
  • They are Exceeding Capacity of Our Current System
  • Their Telephone System is Lacking Important Features
  • Their Telephone System is obsolete, difficult or costly to maintain
  • They are Moving to New Offices
  • They are Expanding and Opening New Offices

Business Discovery Process
Kinetech begins with a discovery process to understand the client's telecom needs:

  • What are the Client's Business Issues or Problems?
  • What Would the Client Like to Change in Their Present System?
  • What Features and Functionality Would the Client Like to Add?
  • What are the Client's Future Business and Communications Requirements?

Telecommunications Analysis and Consulting
There are generally at least 3 suppliers involved with a communications system- the telephone system manufacturer, the installation/ maintenance company, and the Local/ LD service provider. Kinetech will analyze the client's current business telephony usage, features, and associated costs by providing the following as required:

  • Business Needs Assessment
  • Telecom Cost Review
  • Business Continuity Analysis
  • Telephone System Performance Analysis
  • Telecom Provider Analysis
  • Voice Quality and Reliability Analysis

Telephone System and Vendor Selection
Your business requires a cost effective telephone system solution that provides reliability, quality, solid customer support, and a strong set of features to help you to be even more successful in satisfying your customer's needs- and in growing your business.

Kinetech's objective is to guide you through the process of selecting from the latest VOIP technologies available from hundreds of suppliers, and implementing the best solution for your business needs- for today and into the future.

We have partnered with leading Telecom Services and Equipment providers, enabling us to recommend, specify, and implement cost effective, high quality, and high reliability solutions.

VOIP Readiness Assessment
Your Infrastructure, including LAN, WAN, cabling, and network equipment, is key to a successful and quality deployment. Kinetech's engineers will perform a thorough review of the site(s), which will include:

  • Site Survey
  • Confer with the IT Manager/Review Network Diagrams
  • Network Equipment Review
  • Infrastructure/ Cabling Review
  • Broadband/ Data Service Review

VOIP Telephone System Selection and Design
Kinetech will leverage our years of experience to architect and design a VOIP Telephone System to fit the client's needs, which will include:

  • VOIP Telephone System Selection
  • VOIP Equipment Selection
  • VOIP Service Provider Selection
  • Network Equipment Upgrade Selection
  • Structured Cabling Recommendations

VOIP System Installation and Implementation
Kinetech will plan, schedule, and project manage the entire process from system installation through service cut over and beyond by providing:

  • Project Management
  • Infrastructure Upgrade(if required)
  • Installation
  • Training
  • Maintenance
  • Support- On-Site and Remote